Backcountry Goods Trading

We Buy, Sell, and Trade

Almost Anything

Hi there and welcome to our web site. We really do appreciate that you have taken some time to check us out. We are a family owned and operated Buy, Sell, Trade Shop that sells new and used items of all sorts. 9 years ago Gretchen (best wife ever!) and I (Tim) decided to open an online outdoors store. After a couple years we wanted to expand to help our community liquidate items they needed to sell. We took a leap of faith and opened a brick and mortar shop We developed our Mission Statement and strive to accomplish it a little more each day.

Our Mission:

  • Backcountry Goods trading exists to provide us and our employees with a living wage, to provide quality products and services to our customers and competitive prices, to provide quality services and competitive prices to our clients, and to generously invest in our community.

Thank you again for taking some time to check us out. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call, email, stop by the shop, or visit our website.


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